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Taylor Law Offices Practices Criminal Law

Know this much: you are innocent until proven guilty for a reason. Do not take this for granted. With the right attorney protecting your rights, you can make sure your future is protected. At Taylor Law Offices, we represent the accused throughout Iowa. Whether you have been arrested for drunk driving or drug possession, we will never ask you to plead guilty.

Taking an aggressive approach to your criminal defense, we are not looking to make deals. We are looking to protect your rights and freedom. We will pursue any potential deals if you choose to go that route. Otherwise, we will vigorously fight for you in court. We handle all misdemeanors and felonies in Iowa state courts, including DUI/OWI and drug offenses.

We will clearly explain all your options to you so you can make an informed decision about your criminal defense.

Officially known as OWI, there are two aspects to every drunk driving case in Iowa: the criminal trial and the administrative hearing. We know you are concerned about possible jail time and the loss of your license, and we will make sure you are protected on both fronts. With a mandatory 180 day license suspension for your first offense and an automatic one year suspension for a refusal, you want proper counsel for all your DUI concerns.

Drug Offenses
Drug charges can lead to anywhere from one year to a life in prison, depending on the charges you face and the extent of the drugs found. By challenging all searches and search warrants, we will do everything we can to suppress the evidence in your case.

Sexual Assault
Our firm represents individuals throughout Iowa who have been charged with sexual assault. We will challenge and identify any and all scientific tests run to determine the identity of the assailant. We know there are two sides to every story, and we will work to find out the truth, so we can protect your rights.

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